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About Us

Welcome to Gambit Collies website where we hope to inspire the love of this magnificent breed of dog.

Gambit Collies is the dream of sisters Linda Robbins and Barbara-Hash O’Keefe. We are not only sisters but identical twins. To our friends and family, we are fondly known as “the twins”. We have been showing and breeding collies for over 25 years. While we won’t reveal our age, we will tell you that we were two “wide-eyed, wild hair” girls who loved, breathed and dreamed about Collies.

We came from a military family of 12 kids. We moved a lot and my parents felt that a dog was out of the question. We had the love of dogs at an early age and although we could not own a dog of our own, we spent hours reading and devouring every dog book or movie that came out on dogs and collies. Our love affair for collies was inspired by the Lassie serials as well as books by Albert Payson Terhune books about his heroic collies.

From our humble beginnings it took a lot of determination to be successful. We are fortunate that we have effectively bred and owned over 50 Champion Collies several countries in both Rough and Smooth varieties of collie.

We firmly believe in quality not quantity. We have produced a modest amount of champion show dogs and a prosperous line of collies recognized and revered around the country. The Gambit line of collies is known for their style, correct type, beautiful outline and overall balance. We pride ourselves on our emphasis of head detail, especially on beautiful profiles and “classic skulls”. We also breed for sound and correct movement, neck and great temperaments with outstanding showmanship. We have been breeding collies that are not only a joy for us, but to all the families who have been lucky enough to live with a Gambit bred dog.

In addition to breeding for beautiful collies, we are strong advocates in promoting the health and well-being of the collie breed. Our goal is to preserve this wonderful breed not only for the present but for future generations as well. We are adamant in breeding for the best quality collies. We do this through sacrifice, hard work and education. Here at Gambit Collies, we are proud to stand behind every dog we breed and place.

We feel that a Gambit Collie is very versatile. Our collies have been successful in the obedience ring, agility ring, and the show ring. Our dogs also serve as companion and service dogs, and also as a loving family pet. Our belief is that collies can do anything their owners have in mind and a Gambit Collie is always eager and willing to meet any challenges that come their way and please their owners.

Gambit Collies have a proven record in the show ring with an abundance of “Top Honors.” Our dogs have won multiple “Group One’s” (dogs winning multiple prestiges’) specialty. We have placed high in the top-ten ranking of collies in the country, including the coveted number one spot. We have also won the Canadian and American National Specialties several times with the coveted “Best of Breed” Honors.

Gambit Collies has been very successful in the United States and Canada. We are very proud to have helped aspiring new breeders. These breeders have gone no to be successful collie breeders themselves, and all started with a Gambit bred foundation dog. We are equally pleased to have had our dogs’ genes added and or established into some of the countries top bloodlines. With several of our stud dogs earning their R.O.M. (record of merit), their genetic influence will be seen for generations.

As collie breeders, Gambit Collies has been recognized in both national and international collie articles, magazines and books. We have had our articles published in some of these same top trade magazines. We have assisted in putting on national seminars with our dogs being used as the correct examples of accurate collie-type. Some of the country’s top collie and sheltie breeders have recognized Gambit Collie as one of the top collie breeders in the country.

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